What we do

The two main goals of the Foundation are to do research and to raise awareness in the area of Sleep Medicine. In order to fulfill these objectives, the Foundation performs the following activities:

Empirical studies that are aimed at raising awareness regarding the relationship between sleep and the human body, how this effects our sleep and what can be done to improve it.

Awareness-raising of sleep medicine research publications in journals, studies by specialized doctors, monographs, etc.

La Fundación aporta el conocimiento de la Medicina del Sueño para el desarrollo de proyectos relacionados con la mejora del descanso.

Communicating scientific knowledge to the population is a duty of all scientific entities. The Estivill Sleep Foundation supports initiatives that open the doors of knowledge of sleep medicine and to make it accessible to all people. In this way, we become aware of the importance of sleep, the advances in the diagnosis of various sleep disorders and above all an appropriate treatment for each sleep disorder.

It is of particular interest to the Foundation to follow appropriate pharmacological treatment to prevent superfluous and unnecessary use of many hypnotic medications. In the specialization of sleep medicine, specifically in insomnia, self-medication is common. Awareness raising of the appropriate use of medical treatments is a priority of the foundation. This is the basis for our main project NATURAL SLEEP.



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