Awareness Raising

Transmitting scientific knowledge to the population is a duty of all scientific entities. The Foundation supports initiatives, which increase the awareness of sleep and influence of sleep on the lives of all people.

There two main activities of the Foundation. Firstly, we produce publications regularly which allow the findings in the field to be more accessible and applicable to people. Secondly, all of the professionals involved in the foundation, are present in lectures and conferences where we all share our experience in this area.


The Natural Sleep project aims to develop teaching materials on "how to sleep soundly and naturally, without the aid of sleep inducers,” Currently there are four related publications. View them here.

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Another project of the Foundation is our outreach seminars. Currently, we organize seminars on sleep and sleep disorders, with a focus on general and pharmaceutical areas as well as in public nursery schools and senior citizen groups. Our latest innovation is seminars for executives with high-level responsibility and ultra-endurance athletes. In these seminars we demonstrate the importance of sleep in our daily performance, from both a psychological and physical point of view.

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